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Yoga at Home

Helping women tap into their core power during moments of indecision.

Providing tools to build your confidence and trust in yourself.


About Me

Yogi, Runner, Mother, and a whole lot of other...

You are a woman, mother, daughter, friend, looking for a little more zen (and maybe zzzz’s too) in your wild and chaotic life. Wouldn’t it help if someone gave you some tools to help you carve out space for yourself?

You are in just the right spot, friend!


Hi! I’m Shannon Graf. 


I am a creative: yogi, author, researcher, mother, and a whole lot of other!

I’m here to offer connection, solidarity, authenticity, compassion and refuge.

I want you to feel seen, safe, and equipped with tools that challenge, comfort, and help you move through life with more confidence and conviction.

How I Can Help You

How I Can Help You

 In this series, I lead listeners through breathing techniques and meditation to re-center, refocus, and remind you of God's promises.

In these entries, my hope is that my words and experiences can provide tools to help you move forward during your moments of indecision.

Since second grade, writing has been something I've enjoyed, so turning it into something public has always been my dream. Coming soon!

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