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Debut Book

It's Nothing BuT Pavement

In her debut book, Shannon takes readers on a heartfelt reflection upon her journey through life's twists and turns, acknowledging inevitable uncertainties and curveballs while emphasizing the choice between remaining stuck in doubt or finding ways to move forward. Leveraging her own stories, Shannon uses her relationship with the sport of running as a metaphor to touch on themes of self-discovery, mindfulness, and the importance of staying authentically grounded while shedding subconscious "shoulds" and embracing the meandering pathways that lead to personal growth.

As someone who once held a limited belief that running was meant for punishment over enjoyment to eventually finding solace and purpose in its rhythmic embrace, she chooses "running as a metaphor for life" in hopes that readers will relate to the possibility of overcoming their own limiting beliefs, especially when they have some guidance.

As a case in point, the very existence of this book is a result of a limiting belief Shannon challenged herself to overcome, as turning the focus on herself in a nonfiction narrative was a pathway she initially met with resistance. Readers can discover the very lessons she turned to to navigate another uncharted path to launching her first book.

Shannon invites readers to embrace life's challenges with determination and purpose while providing them with tools to lean on in their exploration of self-discovery, resilience, and the art of navigating life's unpredictable training seasons, reminding them that dreams are always within reach.

Ultimately, this book celebrates the human spirit through poignant exploration of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead of us when we embark on our own unique paths.


About the Author

Shannon, a seasoned Texan and devoted work-from-home mother, boasts over 20 years of expertise in User Experience (UX) Research, shaped by a global career exploring diverse human behaviors and cultures. Passionate about unraveling individual motivations, she extends her commitment to wellness and assisting others. With a lifelong passion for writing, instilled since childhood, Shannon balances her career with her love for travel, outdoor adventures, and yoga. Residing in Dallas with her daughter and Golden Retriever, she cherishes life's simple pleasures and aims to empower readers through her words, fostering confidence and assurance in navigating life's journey.

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