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My Favorite Things

  • Enjoying a morning cup of coffee, especially by a body of water (beach, lake, pool)

  • Playing with my daughter and dog

  • Being outside

  • Seeking vitality through all things health and wellness 

  • Traveling

  • Doing or teaching yoga

  • Relaxing after a productive day

Not only am I here to offer support, but I’m happy to chat pranayama or customer insights anytime.

I’ll Meet You Where You Are.

I offer tools to women who are struggling with what to do next. My goal is that you walk away equipped with tips and tricks on how to live your best life.


I leverage my 20+ years of professional User Experience (UX) research work, academic studies in Cognitive Psychology and Education, and a certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher to benefit you with tools and resources needed to create in your own life.


My Hope For You

After reading my blog, book, or listening to meditations on the podcast, I want you to feel seen, safe, and equipped. My hope is that something I say challenges you, comforts you, or helps you move through life with more confidence and conviction.

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